Kentucky Exhibits

K1 Kentucky Engineer Definition

Kentucky Definition of Engineer

322.010(2)(a) "Engineer means a person . . . who has the special knowledge of the mathematical, physical and engineering sciences."

Jan 22, 2023
K2 Kentucky Requires Engineering Business to Have Permit

Kentucky Requires Engineering Business to Have Permit

322.060 requires businesses that do engineering in Kentucky have a permit to do engineering. These are the obligations of the engineering business.

Jan 22, 2023
K3 Traffic Operations Manual

Traffic Operations Manual

Page 187 has the old ITE yellow change interval equation. The old ITE equation (old and new) makes everyone run red lights. The old equations make more drivers run red lights than the old.

Kentucky sets the yellow for left-turns to 3.5 seconds which is about half the time required by the laws of physics and the new ITE recommended practice. 3.5 seconds kills people.

Jan 22, 2023
K4 Kentucky Law has MUTCD

Kentucky Law has MUTCD

603 KAR 5:050 requires that Kentucky conform to the Manual of Traffic Control Devices.

Jan 22, 2023