Missouri Exhibits

MO1 Missouri Traps Commercial Truck Drivers

Missouri Traps Commercial Truck Drivers

Jun 7, 2016
MO2 Missouri ITE Yellow Change Interval Formula

Missouri ITE Yellow Change Interval Formula

Dec 15, 2012
MO3 Commerical Driver License Manual

Missouri Commercial Driver License Manual

Dec 15, 2012
MO4 Missouri Professional Engineers Requirements

Missouri Professional Engineers' Requirements

Section 327.181.1 requires the engineer to possess the knowledge of the mathematical, engineering and physical sciences. Traffic engineers do not. They all set yellow light durations incorrectly. Here is a complaint template you submit to the Missouri Board for Architects, Professional Engineers, Professional Land Surveyors and Landscape Architects.

Mar 14, 2014


Missouri Opponents of Red Light Cameras

One of the most unusual problems with red light cameras occurs in Missouri. Missouri has not yet unified its restrictive yellow intersections into permissive yellow intersections. Whether or not a driver has to clear an intersection by the end of yellow phase has not yet been settled. This appalling and negligent traffic engineer mistake has caused hundreds of thousands if not millions of people to run red lights, crash and receive unjust fines. All DOTs in the world deserve engineering malpractice lawsuits for not catching a physics mistake made 50 years ago, but the MoDOT deserves an extra helping of lawsuits for mixing permissive and restrictive yellow phases in the same State.

MO-L1 Wrong on Red

Wrong on Red

Nov 3, 2012