OR-1 Mats Jarlstrom Ruling

Mats Jarlstrom Ruling

On December 28, 2018, U.S. federal magistrate Stacie Beckerman ruled in Mr. Jarlstrom's favor. Mr. Jarlstrom can call himself an "engineer". This exhibit is the judge's Opinion and Order.

Her reasoning is elegant. The word "engineer" has a well-known meaning that extends beyond the qualifier of "licensed professional engineer." The word "engineer" has been used for centuries to describe all sorts of individuals engaged in various engineering disciplines. The word is used to describe locomotive operators, sanitation engineers, software engineers, graduates of a university engineering curriculum as well as many other types of people. The State of Oregon cannot change the dictionary and punish people for using terms predating the State of Oregon.

As an analogy, the title "Doctor" is like the title "Engineer". "Doctor" can also be used to describe a non-licensed non-medical professional. For example, Dr. Chiu Liu is a Doctor of Philosophy in Physics. One cannot punish Dr. Chiu Liu for calling himself a "Doctor". A qualifer is required. "Doctor of ...", "Professional Engineer, ..."

Judge Beckerman ordered the State of Oregon to remove the standalone designation "engineer" from the State statutes but retain the designation "registered engineer" and "licensed professional engineer". The title "P.E." just like "M.D." is reserved for licensed professionals.

Jan 6, 2019
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