Virginia Exhibits

VA1 Virginia Entrapment Regarding Slowing Down for Yellow Light

Virginia Entrapment Regarding Beating the Yellow Light

Nov 19, 2012
VA2 Virginia Drivers Manual

Virginia Drivers Manual, p. 6

Nov 19, 2012
VA3 Virginia Yellow Change Interval Formula

Virginia Yellow Change Interval Formula

Nov 19, 2012
VA4 Virginia Red Light Camera Law

Virginia Red Light Camera Law

Section D(i). Submit an affidavit that you were not driving at the time and location on the citation. That is sufficient to void the citation. You do not have to squeal on the driver.

Do not feel guilty if you were driving. The VDOT traffic engineers are breaking Virginia law by making you run a red light. See exhibit PA5.


Mar 8, 2014
VA5 Chesapeake, VA - Redflex's Violation Calculator

Chesapeake, VA - Redflex's Violation Calculator

On page 21 of the bid proposal, Redflex tells Chesapeake how to maximize its revenue. With "85% predictablility", Redflex's violation calculator computes how much money Chesapeake can expect to make from the traffic engineers' systematic misdesign of signalized intersections. Redflex does not mention that driver behavior is to fault, but only that the practices of traffic engineers dictate how many people will run red lights.


Mar 14, 2014
VA6 Virginia Professional Engineers Regulations

Virginia Professional Engineers Regulations

Because the VDOT adopts the Institute of Transportation Engineers (ITE) standards, VDOT's goals conflict with law enforcement goals. Telling VDOT engineers to comply with its specs automatically makes drivers violate the Virginia ordinances.

Every VDOT traffic engineer violates 54.1-400. The VDOT traffic engineer does not know the mathematical and physical sciences behind the formulas he uses. The VDOT engineer uses the ITE yellow change interval formula, but does not know what the formula means and fails to restrict the formula's use to the one utopic traffic case it applies. He systematically misapplies this formula. He forces millions of drivers to run red lights, and some of them to crash.

The VDOT engineer does not know the mathematical technique of error propagation. He therefore omits the tolerance inherent in the duration of the yellow change interval. The VDOT engineer sets the yellow change interval to 4.3 seconds but the interval's fully-qualified value is 5.3 seconds +/- 2.3 seconds. The VDOT engineer gives the public the false impression that the yellow light time is actually a precisely known value. The engineer commits an ethics violation by not informing law enforcement of the tolerance required. The engineer allows the police to hold innocent motorists to take the penalty for his sloppy engineering.

The VDOT uses Institute of Transportation Engineers (ITE) methodologies. These methodologies are not definable as engineering practices because "engineering practices" requires compliance with the laws of math and physics. ITE's methodologies consists of a cathedral of assumptions arising from decades of guesses and misunderstandings. The methods contradict the laws of physics.

ITE methodologies recommend traffic engineers to force 3%+ drivers to run red lights in order to move traffic more efficiently. Even when ITE explicitly says that increasing the yellow decreases the red light violations to 0, ITE with its eyes open gives the OK to engineers to knowingly make drivers run red lights. Such commands are in almost every ITE traffic handbook and paper.


Mar 8, 2014