Colorado Exhibits

C1 Red-Light Camera Installation Plans, Denver

Red-Light Camera Installation Plans, Denver

This report contains the Denver's red-light camera installation plans as well as other engineering items (like yellow timings for select intersections) pertinent to the red-light camera project. The installation plans have never been certified as required by law. See exhibit C2.

Jan 15, 2019
C2 Professional Engineers and Firms Requirements

Professions and Occupations Act

Colorado Revised Statute 12-120-202(2) and (6)(a) requires the "practice of engineering" to conform to the "application of the mathematical and physical sciences."

May 6, 2022
C3 Professional Engineers Rules and Ethics

Professional Engineers' Rules and Ethics

Jan 15, 2019
C4 Colorado Ruling Against RedFlex for Producing Uncertified Engineering Plans

Colorado Ruling Against RedFlex for Producing Uncertified Engineering Plans

In 2019, the Colorado Board of Engineers issued a cease and desist order against people who drafted red-light camera installation plans for RedFlex for Denver. Such plans are engineering works and so must be certified by a Colorado licensed professional engineer. These plans were not certified. The people who drafted the plans are not engineers.

Nov 7, 2019
C5 Colorado MUTCD Supplement

Colorado MUTCD Supplement

The federal MUTCD does not allow this sign to be used because one cannot post a photo of a traffic signal near a traffic signal.

Colorado law does not allow this sign.

Many States permit the sign in their MUTCD supplement--a permission written into the MUTCD after-the-fact. That is, after the State discovered that the camera firm had erected its illegal signs all over their city.


May 6, 2022
C6 Owner-Not-Driver No-Fink-on-Driver Denver Law

Owner-Not-Driver No-Fink-on-Driver Denver Law

When you get a red-light camera citation, the citation omits a legal option. The City of Denver Sec. 54-833 allows you to send an affidavit saying you were not driving at the time and location on the citation. You do not have to fink on the driver. Essentially, no one has to pay for a red-light camera citation in Denver.

Jan 15, 2019