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NY1 Yellow Light Flaw in One Page

Yellow Light Flaw in One Page

May 15, 2018
NY2 P.E. Requirements

Engineering Definition. NY Law, Article 145, Section 7201

The reason why red light camera programs exist in the first place is solely because of the incompetence of traffic engineers. The entire profession systematically commits engineering malpractice. Click on scam to understand the nature of the fraud.

New York statutes define engineering practice as the application of engineering principles. Engineering principles, by definition, are the application of physics. From Merriam-Webster:

en·gi·neer·ing noun 1 : the activities or function of an engineer 2a: the application of science and mathematics by which the properties of matter and the sources of energy in nature are made useful to people b: the design and manufacture of complex products <software engineering>

Traffic engineers believe that the definition of engineering is the application of specs, regardless of whether those specs misapply physics. One can charge the traffic engineer with criminal negligence and put the traffic engineer's professional license on the line. One must bring the attack to the traffic engineer becuse he is solely and legally culpable for the problem. Government and red light camera vendors simply piggy-back on his failure.

Oct 1, 2015

NYS Board of Engineers Definition of Engineering Practice

NYS Board of Engineers Definition of Engineering Practice

"Engineering practice is the application of the physical and mathematical sciences. (Guideline 1)

Nov 1, 2016

NYS Board of Engineers Definition of Engineering Service or Work

NYS Board of Engineers Definition of Engineering Practice and RLC Require Seals

Jun 12, 2018

Guideline 3 - When To Apply Seals

Guideline 3 - When to Apply Seals

Jun 12, 2018
NY6 Professional Misconduct

Engineering Incompetence, Section 6509 to 6511

Incompetence is professional misconduct. Traffic engineers do not know the science behind their high school-level physics yellow duration equation. They systematically misapply the equation forcing millions of drivers to run red lights and many to crash. In this letter written by the inventor of New York's equation, the inventor lists the kinds of traffic movements where his equation fails, that failure consequently forcing drivers to run red lights. Examine the list. In the list you will find that Suffolk County places all its cameras at the "don't" locations. There will be no exceptions.

Oct 1, 2015

Brooks Act of 1972

Brooks Act of 1972

The MUTCD and the Brooks Engineering Act (Title IX, Section 301, Para 3) turn the traffic engineer's malpractice of setting yellow change interval and constructing traffic-control devices without a PE-certified (signed, sealed, dated) engineering plan a federal case.

The prelimary statement in a legal complaint or motion should read something like this:

Regards to the Application of Physical and Mathematical Sciences

Plaintiffs allege that traffic engineers acting in Suffolk County have misapplied physics when calculating the yellow change intervals, shortening the yellow change intervals below what the laws of physics require for the legal motion of traffic; that is, systematically causing entire populations of drivers to run red lights, thus allowing the Plaintiffs to unjustly take financial property from the Plaintiffs.   Plaintiffs allege Defendants further shortened the yellow change intervals in order to increase violations and ultimately their bottom line.

23 CFR Part 655 Subpart F declares the Manual of Uniform Traffic Control Devices (MUTCD) as the national standard for all traffic control devices. An MUTCD standard states, "The duration of the yellow change intervals shall be determined using engineering practices (MUTCD 4D.26-03).    Engineering practices as defined by the federal Brooks Act of 1972 are those adopted by the State (Title IX, Section 901 (3)).     The State of New York  defines engineering practices as “the application of the physical and mathematical sciences” whose purpose is to safeguard the public’s life, health and property (NY Education Law Article 145 Section 7201, Engineering Practice Guideline 1).   Encyclopedia Britannica, Merriam Webster’s Dictionary and the Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology (ABET) repeat the definition.  The physical science pertinent to this case is physics.   

[The MUTCD requires engineers to conform to paragraphs labeled “Standard”.   The MUTCD does not require engineers to conform to statements marked “Guidance,”  “Support” or “Option”.   Setting yellow change intervals according to engineering practices is a standard (4D.26-03).    Setting yellow change intervals between 3 and 6 seconds is guidance (4D.26-14).    Following the ITE publications is support (4D.26-07).]

Institute of Transporation Engineers (ITE)

ITE is the source of the misapplication of the physical and mathematical sciences. The ITE yellow change interval equation opposes the kinematics of general traffic movements, forcing drivers to systematically run red lights. The Institutue propagates the misapplication of scientific principles. ITE's Constitution, Artlcle 1, Section 3, condemns ITE's own equation: "The Institute shall facilitate the application of technology and scientific principles to research . . . ."

New York Vehicle and Traffic Law

By misapplying physics, traffic engineers have introduced a systematic malfunction in every yellow traffic indication. The malfunction occurs every time the light turns yellow. From Section Title VII, Article 24, 1111-b:

(o)    It shall be a defense to any prosecution for a violation of subdivision (d) of section 1111 of this article pursuant to a local law or ordinance adopted pursuant to this section that such traffic indications were malfunctioning at the time of the alleged violation.


Regards to the Signature and Seal of the Licensed Professional Engineer

Plaintiffs allege that Suffolk County, Xerox, the NYSDOT and Nelson and Pope are constructing and erecting traffic control devices without lawful authority. No licensed professional engineer has neither signed, sealed nor dated any engineering plans for any red light camera installations. There are also traffic signals which have not been signed, sealed and dated.

The State of New York requires engineers to sign, seal and date engineering plans and specifications. (Article 145, Section 7209(1)). These plans include traffic signal plans, red light camera installation plans and traffic signal timing sheets.

"The seal and signature of a licensee on a document indicates that the licensee takes professional responsibility for the work . . . ." (Guideline 3: Section 1: Professional Seals and Signatures).

No official of New York, or of any city, county, town or village therein, charged with the enforcement of laws, ordinances or regulations shall accept or approve any plans or specifications that are not stamped (Article 145, Section 7209(1)).

New York Vehicle and Traffic Law

Without signature, seal and date from a licensed professional engineer for a traffic control device (traffic signal and/or red light camera), the traffic control device is neither official, has not placed by lawful authority or does it comply with lawful authority. From Section Title VII, Article 24, 1110:

(c)  Whenever official traffic-control devices are placed in position approximately conforming to the requirements of this chapter, such devices shall be presumed to have been so placed by an official act or direction of lawful authority, unless the contrary shall be established by competent evidence.

(d)  Any official traffic-control device placed pursuant to the provisions of this chapter and purported to conform to the lawful requirements pertaining to such devices shall be presumed to comply with the requirements of this chapter, unless the contrary shall be established by competent evidence.



Dec 24, 2016

NY MUTCD Supplement

MUTCD NY Supplement

Apr 4, 2016

Traffic Signal and RLC Installation Plan Require Seal of P.E.

Traffic Signals and RLC Installations Plan Require Seal

Apr 13, 2016

Traffic Signal and RLC Installation Plan Require Seal of P.E.

Unsigned, Unsealed Traffic Signal and Red Light Camera Installation Plans

Apr 13, 2016

NYSDOT Finds No Sealed/Signed Plans

NYSDOT Finds No Sealed/Signed Plans

Apr 13, 2016
NY12 Statement which Stephen Ruth Gave to the Police When Police Arrested Him

Statement which Stephen Ruth Gave to the Police When Police Arrested Him

Apr 7, 2016


Suffolk County

SC1 Suffolk County-ACS Agreement, 2009

ACS Agreement, 2009

Xerox is the parent company of Affiliated Computer Services (ACS). ACS runs Suffolk County's red light camera program.

Oct 18, 2015
SC2 Suffolk County-ACS Agreement-1st Amendment, 2011

ACS Agreement-1st Amendment, 2011

Oct 18, 2015
SC3 Suffolk County-ACS Agreement 2nd Amendment, 2012

ACS Agreement-2nd Amendment, 2011

Oct 18, 2015
SC4 Suffolk County-ACS Agreement 3rd Amendment, 2012

ACS Agreement-3rd Amendment, 2012

In 2012, Amendment 3 was added between Xerox and Suffolk County where Suffolk County asked Xerox to build up to 400 cameras. Xerox insisted on a minimum guarantee of 25 tickets per day or Suffolk County would have to pay Xerox about $2,000 for each under-performing camera and $17.25 for each ticket issued. That means that if there are 100 cameras that do not produce enough tickets, Suffolk County would be obligated to pay more than $200,000 a month to Xerox.

Oct 18, 2015
SC5 Suffolk County-ACS Agreement, Quota Explained

ACS Agreement Quota Explained

Oct 18, 2015
SC6 You Just Need a Pair of Balls and a Painter's Rod Extension

You Just Need a Pair of Balls and a Painter's Rod Extension

Sep 2015
SC-TV1 Suffolk County Lawmakers Want to Shutdown Red Light Cameras

Suffolk Lawmakers Want To Shutdown Red Light Cameras

Oct 6, 2015
SC-TV2 Suffolk GOP Looks to Halt Red Light Cameras, Calls for Investigation

Suffolk GOP Looks to Halt Red Light Cameras, Calls for Investigation

Gilbert Anderson is lying. There is a quota. And traffic engineers did shorten the yellows and/or shorten the signal light cycle so that red lights confront more drivers during the day. The moment one hears, "We set them to according to traffic capacity", you can guarantee that traffic engineers shortened the yellows. To increase capacity, motorists must see more green light during the day. The only way to see more green is for engineers to shorten yellows. Shortening yellows to improve traffic flow is standard procedure for every traffic engineer in the country. Capacity goals trump legal motion of traffic goals every time. So "yes", you can count on it that traffic engineers have shortened the Suffolk County yellows within the last ten years. To find out for sure, you must obtain the "traffic signal plans of record" in effect at each intersection during the last ten years.

Note that is not necessary to use the argument "they shortened the yellow lights." This whole website is about the fact the federal guidelines, just as they are, force drivers to run red lights. When an "official" says, "We are setting the yellows to the federal guidelines", those guidelines guarantee that the government/red light camera vendor will make millions of dollars every year.

Gilbert Anderson is a professional engineer. Because he is a P.E., the State of New York should hold him to a higher moral code. Suffolk County residents need to swear out a complaint against him with the New York Board of Regents. Lying is not professional conduct. Overclocking an intersection forcing drivers to run red lights is not in the "public's welfare" either.

Goal: Remove Gilbert Anderson's professional engineering license.

Oct 6, 2015
SC-TV3 Shortened Yellow Lights to Meet Ticket Quotas

Shortened Yellow Lights to Meet Ticket Quotas

Oct 6, 2015
SC-TV4 County Executive Steve Bellone Defends Red Light Cameras

Steve Bellone, County Executive, Defends Red Light Cameras

Oct 7, 2015
SC-TV5 Red Light Robinhood Fired Up Over Cameras

Red Light Robinhood Fired Up Over Cameras

Oct 7, 2015
SC-TV6 Long Island Backstory

Red Light Cameras - Public Access TV

Oct 20, 2015
SC-TV7 Fire Chief Peter McArdle

Fire Chief Peter McArdle of West Babylon, NY

At this Oct 29, 2015 Suffolk County Legislature Hearing, the fire chief discovers the difference between the safety of traffic and the legal motion of traffic. Chief McArdle sees that red light cameras, somehow, exploit the latter and disregard safety.

Nov 4, 2015
SC-L1 New York Red Light Camera Laws

New York Red Light Camera Laws

Oct 24, 2015
SC-L2 New York Red Light Camera Laws

Notice to Suffolk County

Suffolk County violates Title 7, Article 24, Section 1111-b, subdivision (o). This law states that the accused is off the-hook when he can show that the traffic indication is malfunctioning. The traffic yellow indicition, in the very least, are malfunctioning. Traffic engineers use the wrong functions (literally, mal-functions) to set yellow light indications.

Oct 24, 2015
SC-L3 Suffolk County Local Laws

Suffolk County Local Law

Article VII, Section 54 allows a vehicle owner to not pay the fine while not ratting out the driver.

Mar 25, 2017
SC-L4 3 Minutes Speeches

Suffolk County - 3 Minute Speeches

Nov 18, 2015
SC-L5 Red Light Camera Safety Report - 2014

Suffolk County Red Light Camera Safety Report - 2014

Apr 25, 2016


New York Attorneys

These attorneys understand the misapplied physics in the federal standards which force drivers to run red lights.


NY-A1 Dave Raimondo

Dave Raimondo

2780 Middle Country Rd., Suite 312
Lake Grove, New York 11755
Tel: 631-471-1222
Fax: 631-471-1980

Apr 4, 2016
NY-A2 Joshua Bressler

Joshua Bressler

3 West 35th Street, 9th Floor
New York, New York 10001
Tel: 917-969-4343

Not only does Mr. Bressler have a J.D. but also a BS in electrical and biomedical engineering from Duke University.

Nov 3, 2012
NY-A3 Joshua Bressler

Lawrence Kreiger

510 Clinton Square, Suite 5121
Rochester, New York 14604
Tel: 585-773-1991


Oct 24, 2015